Friday, 16 October 2015

Importance of media planning in advance

Know Where you Stand, Where you want to be and Plan your Media Services accordingly.

importance of media planning in advance

Importance of advertisements are ever-increasing and this is one of the main reasons, why companies these days, prefer to do Media Planning well in advance. In fact, the general business rule is to have your ad strategy planned out for at least a quarter, if not more. Now before I start discussing media planning and its importance, let me give you a fair idea on what Media Planning is.

Without a proper and full-proof advertising plan in place, chances are high that at the end moment you'll rush around, desperately trying to get things done, thus leading to blunders and mistakes, missed opportunities and even over-spending. Let me explain how.

Take the instance of TV or radio. Buying an ad space in these media channels at the last minute is easy. In fact many a times, you'll even be allowed to place your orders with a couple of days' notice. But on the flip side, you'll have to shell out an outrageous amount. Here comes the importance of media planning.

Planning your ad strategy in advance ensures a successful and efficient media campaign within your advertising budget. If you book your media outlet 6 months in advance, the prices will certainly be cheaper compared to the last minute price. So, the farther your order schedules are, the better will be the rates.

Chalking out your ad plans is equally important if you opt to go with print media i.e. newspapers and magazines. Deadlines for publication houses come in much faster than you expect, and a well-planned ad strategy will also help you in balancing your budget for the entire year.

To sum up, media planning is critical when it comes to planning your resources, knowing where you stand and where to want to be. A well planned ad strategy will never let you rest on your heels!

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