Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Advertising medias don't compete, they complement each other

Digital Marketing and Social Media have changed the way we do things in our daily lives. The way we think, the way we communicate, the way we meet people, do business and even advertise our products/ services.


With the fast advent of World Wide Web, the magic and charm of digital marketing, Google AdSense and Facebook advertisement was such, that many businesses joined the "Social Media" trend and experienced stupendous success. Outcome? Having tasted success, these brands no longer go back to the traditional forms of advertisements aired on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines!

Again there are brands, who believe that TV, radio and newspaper ads are still the "tried, tested and golden standards" of advertising. The entire concept of Internet and Google AdSense, Facebook advertising and Twitter campaigns, digital marketing and social advertising seems intimidating to them. For them social marketing and traditional advertising are two different planets and they feel that it's safe to choose the traditional advertising media over the social or digital one.

But the truth is, it's not any more an "either this, or that" scenario. Instead of choosing one medium over the other, it's best to "make them work together". Each one complements the other and work towards building a better picture of your audience and generating impressive campaign metrics.

Traditional advertising makes a greater and bigger impact on the audience, but it lags behind when it comes to accurate data and metrics. Social advertising and digital marketing, on the other hand, are miles ahead when it comes to generating data, and that too in real time, thus helping you to reach your target audience better.

So it's time that you be a smart advertiser. Learn to use the power of Internet, social marketing and Facebook advertising as an extension of TV and newspaper advertising. For instance, you hear a radio/ TV commercial for a certain product. You don't want to use that product immediately, but you want to know more about it. You visit the brand's website or check out their Facebook page get the required information. Once you are connected to the Digital platform, it becomes easier for you to relate to the radio/ TV commercial thus helping in better retention. In the long-run, if ever the need for that particular product arises, you'll certainly fall back on that particular brand.

The excitement and jazz of Social Marketing does in no way discount the power of TV/ radio/ newspaper advertisements. When strategically used with one another, they tend to produce pretty good and profitable results.

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