Saturday, 17 October 2015

Choosing the Right Advertising Medium for the Right Group of Audience

It is very rightly said that "Creativity without strategy is art. But creativity with strategy is advertisement".

Smart and successful advertising requires talent and discipline. A business might have a highly creative ad copy. But if it does not reach out to the target audience, then the entire campaign goes for a toss. So choosing the right advertising media keeping in mind your group of target audience is critical in running a successful ad campaign.

Today, we have so many potential choices for advertising media around us. The traditional advertising mediums like newspaper, radio and television now have their digital correspondents, but the target audiences of either type are certainly not the same. So how to choose the right medium for marketing your message, such that it caters to your group of target audience?

Before you go ahead and buy a media service for marketing your message, it is important that you have a clarity on the nature of your audience. Suppose, you want to run a unisex ad campaign targeted for people of age group forty years or above, and most of them are office goers who commute long distances to reach their work place. So for them FM radio ads will work best. Because radio ads played during peak hours and with the right message reach out well to big masses of your audience.

Again, television allows an advertiser to speak at a stretch about his products or services along with related visuals, and such commercials aired in between the regular program schedules is sure to catch the attention of homemakers and family people. If your target audience is largely global then the digital ad networks like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, advertisements and promotions across websites, Bing Ads can help you go a long way.

A billboard with a clearly drafted out message, on the other hand, will surely be noticed by motorists driving down the highway. Magazine advertising, once again, allows a business to target closed group of specific to an industry, hobby, interest or age group.

Thus the bottom line is, know your target audience and choose the right advertising medium that will reach them well.

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