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Perfect your media planning strategy with these 5 phases

In the past few decades, human behavior has changed significantly, following an immense media breakup. The society today is offering an ever growing preference in connection with the use of media. The variety of available range from myriads of websites to thousands of TV stations to an array of print publications attracting to huge and niche-based audiences. This fragmented media makes it ever more difficult to reach out and get connected with your targeted audience. Media planning is not only an "art" but also a "science" to setting up and buying media for business growth.

perfect your media planning strategy with these 5 phases

There are numerous types of media. Have you ever questioned how an organization prefers? This post will give you a brief description about the phases of media planning. So, what actually is media planning?

Well of course you need a well scripted ad with an eye-catching title. You also need to know where to place them. Often businesses notice a spike in their sales the moment they put out their classified ads. Classifieds Ads can serve to be a very beneficial tool for announcing the aspects of your business. Why refrain from them if you can have them.

Media planning is all about branding about your new products & services, flaunting your customers and target audience what you have for them. For an effective marketing of your services, you need to go through well-planned media planning phase. It's all about making decisions to deliver an appropriate, sounding message to the existing customers as well as target audience.

The Phase: Media Planning

The media planning process comprises of 5 phases, let's have a quick look on it.

Phase 1: Market Analysis

Market analysis includes the process of figuring about who your audiences are. Whom do you want to show your advertising? This can be categorized depending on the demographics, gender, and age group and so on. This phase will assist you to project costs and identify the most suitable media for your campaign.

Phase 2: Determining the Media Objective

This is undoubtedly the most crucial phase of your media planning - your media objective. Why do you want to advertise? How effective your strategy is going? How your advertisement is influencing the target audience? And so on. You must determine the key media objective whether it's to take over the market or simply reaching out a particular group prior to fetching the penetration strategies and goals.

Phase 3: Establishing the Strategy

Once determining your media objective, now it's time to make the decision about which all media to use. Which media will reach your target audience more effectively and largely? How frequently will that media reach the audiences? Is that media in your budget?

Phase 4: Execution

You have a media plan for you now. So, now it's the time to set it in action. This phase involves the process of reaching out a right media planning service provider to help your preferred media plan get succeed. This is actually the most exciting part seeing your brand getting publicized. 

Phase 5: Evaluation and Follow-up

Once everything is planned and properly done, now it's the time to figure out how effective and influencing your media planning was. For this, you have to follow-up and measure the results. Ask yourself a question, 'Did we really meet the defined media objectives? How effective were the implemented strategies?' The achievement of this media planning is going to determine the future media plans for your brand.

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