Monday 2 November 2015

Perfect your media planning strategy with these 5 phases

In the past few decades, human behavior has changed significantly, following an immense media breakup. The society today is offering an ever growing preference in connection with the use of media. The variety of available range from myriads of websites to thousands of TV stations to an array of print publications attracting to huge and niche-based audiences. This fragmented media makes it ever more difficult to reach out and get connected with your targeted audience. Media planning is not only an "art" but also a "science" to setting up and buying media for business growth.

perfect your media planning strategy with these 5 phases

There are numerous types of media. Have you ever questioned how an organization prefers? This post will give you a brief description about the phases of media planning. So, what actually is media planning?

Well of course you need a well scripted ad with an eye-catching title. You also need to know where to place them. Often businesses notice a spike in their sales the moment they put out their classified ads. Classifieds Ads can serve to be a very beneficial tool for announcing the aspects of your business. Why refrain from them if you can have them.

Media planning is all about branding about your new products & services, flaunting your customers and target audience what you have for them. For an effective marketing of your services, you need to go through well-planned media planning phase. It's all about making decisions to deliver an appropriate, sounding message to the existing customers as well as target audience.

The Phase: Media Planning

The media planning process comprises of 5 phases, let's have a quick look on it.

Phase 1: Market Analysis

Market analysis includes the process of figuring about who your audiences are. Whom do you want to show your advertising? This can be categorized depending on the demographics, gender, and age group and so on. This phase will assist you to project costs and identify the most suitable media for your campaign.

Phase 2: Determining the Media Objective

This is undoubtedly the most crucial phase of your media planning - your media objective. Why do you want to advertise? How effective your strategy is going? How your advertisement is influencing the target audience? And so on. You must determine the key media objective whether it's to take over the market or simply reaching out a particular group prior to fetching the penetration strategies and goals.

Phase 3: Establishing the Strategy

Once determining your media objective, now it's time to make the decision about which all media to use. Which media will reach your target audience more effectively and largely? How frequently will that media reach the audiences? Is that media in your budget?

Phase 4: Execution

You have a media plan for you now. So, now it's the time to set it in action. This phase involves the process of reaching out a right media planning service provider to help your preferred media plan get succeed. This is actually the most exciting part seeing your brand getting publicized. 

Phase 5: Evaluation and Follow-up

Once everything is planned and properly done, now it's the time to figure out how effective and influencing your media planning was. For this, you have to follow-up and measure the results. Ask yourself a question, 'Did we really meet the defined media objectives? How effective were the implemented strategies?' The achievement of this media planning is going to determine the future media plans for your brand.

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Friday 23 October 2015

Newspapers turning ads into dollars

Newspapers have eventually become an inseparable part of modern life. Every second person starts their day by going through the latest news with a cup of tea. For some, it's like unimaginable is a morning without the daily newspapers. It is because of the fact that newspapers are seen in every corner of the world. They are printed and published in almost every language known to humans across the world. Newspapers are rightly called as 'mirror of the world', as they reflect and show up the latest happenings and trends from every nook and cranny of the world.

newspapers turning ads into dollars

Today, the competition is so robust that each and every business owners irrespective of their size are seeking the assistance of advertising to help them enhance recognition, new foot traffic, product sales, and repeat business. The most common advertising channel includes TV, radio, Internet, magazines, social media and newspapers. Although branding your business using non-print outlets like radio or TV can be beneficial, but still the newspaper advertisement offers ample of benefits that make the investment on your part valuable.

The oldest form of advertising is still the most effective way for reaching out a large number of people.

For sure, newspaper advertisements are in existence for longer than any other type of advertising that can be seen today and are still in the top priority for the type of advertising that businesses think first about doing. Newspaper ads can actually do a lot more than only advertising one product or just one sale- every ad can work really powerful to bring in more customers, and then bring in them back again & again.

They're a great way of reaching out a large crowd of people, particularly those people who are 45 plus, and are tended to read the paper unfailingly & more frequently as compared to younger demographic groups who depends on social media, n others to get their news. And businesses can target their ads to the target markets by displaying ads in the section(s) that most closely relate to their specific target audience, be it business, sports, or lifestyle.

Today, big e-commerce industries such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. are effectively using newspapers as an important medium to advertise & flaunt their products. Even the big brands like Samsung, Sony, Videocon and others leverage the full potential of newspaper advertising. Through newspaper ads, they easily grab the people's attention & make them aware about their new product launch or any upcoming sales.

In this modern time, the role played by newspapers is really very important in promoting business, commerce, and trade. Big brands and businesses promote their products in large ads on papers. Catering to every taste and every need, newspapers present the whole world. Totally they play a vital role in life and part of human beings.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

The classy classified

When was the last time you read a newspaper or saw a website without a classified? Classified ads sure have come a long way. It has made its presence felt in every form for years. Classified ads are a great way to advertise. The more classified you see in a newspaper, the more popular the newspaper becomes amongst its readers. We are more than a decade and half away in the 21st century. Media and advertising has evolved with time. The question here is do we still need it? Well, the answer to that is yes we do. If we really do need it, how does it make our lives easier? Let us understand that through an example. For instance, you need to buy property. Where would you look for ads? Probably on a property portal or websites that have these ads. There is a very fair chance that you might look into the classified ads in a newspaper for good property rates in your desired location. All in all, classified do make our lives easy because instead of wandering a rational property buyer knows where to look, if he is serious about buying property. Some of the popular categories are matrimonial columns, recruitment and education services. You can also check out these ads within the comfort of your own home. That was the customer's perspective.

the classy classified

Classified ads put up such a great show that even businesses need them. We know that this is perhaps the oldest form of advertisement and you rather would have a fancy Facebook page, but believe it or not, it still works. It is a tried and tested form of advertising and is probably the most effective way of reaching out the targeted customers. For small businesses and start-up who cannot afford to use the expensive forms of advertising this route is pretty easy on the pocket. You can advertise with frequency on regular interval. Classified advertisements come with various paid plus free scheme. It is also a great way to hunt out for business from every possible resource. For businesses who want to sell their product and services immediately, this is your place.

Well of course you need a well scripted ad with an eye-catching title. You also need to know where to place them. Often businesses notice a spike in their sales the moment they put out their classified ads. Classifieds Ads can serve to be a very beneficial tool for announcing the aspects of your business. Why refrain from them if you can have them.

Saturday 17 October 2015

Choosing the Right Advertising Medium for the Right Group of Audience

It is very rightly said that "Creativity without strategy is art. But creativity with strategy is advertisement".

Smart and successful advertising requires talent and discipline. A business might have a highly creative ad copy. But if it does not reach out to the target audience, then the entire campaign goes for a toss. So choosing the right advertising media keeping in mind your group of target audience is critical in running a successful ad campaign.

Today, we have so many potential choices for advertising media around us. The traditional advertising mediums like newspaper, radio and television now have their digital correspondents, but the target audiences of either type are certainly not the same. So how to choose the right medium for marketing your message, such that it caters to your group of target audience?

Before you go ahead and buy a media service for marketing your message, it is important that you have a clarity on the nature of your audience. Suppose, you want to run a unisex ad campaign targeted for people of age group forty years or above, and most of them are office goers who commute long distances to reach their work place. So for them FM radio ads will work best. Because radio ads played during peak hours and with the right message reach out well to big masses of your audience.

Again, television allows an advertiser to speak at a stretch about his products or services along with related visuals, and such commercials aired in between the regular program schedules is sure to catch the attention of homemakers and family people. If your target audience is largely global then the digital ad networks like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, advertisements and promotions across websites, Bing Ads can help you go a long way.

A billboard with a clearly drafted out message, on the other hand, will surely be noticed by motorists driving down the highway. Magazine advertising, once again, allows a business to target closed group of specific to an industry, hobby, interest or age group.

Thus the bottom line is, know your target audience and choose the right advertising medium that will reach them well.

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Friday 16 October 2015

Importance of media planning in advance

Know Where you Stand, Where you want to be and Plan your Media Services accordingly.

importance of media planning in advance

Importance of advertisements are ever-increasing and this is one of the main reasons, why companies these days, prefer to do Media Planning well in advance. In fact, the general business rule is to have your ad strategy planned out for at least a quarter, if not more. Now before I start discussing media planning and its importance, let me give you a fair idea on what Media Planning is.

Without a proper and full-proof advertising plan in place, chances are high that at the end moment you'll rush around, desperately trying to get things done, thus leading to blunders and mistakes, missed opportunities and even over-spending. Let me explain how.

Take the instance of TV or radio. Buying an ad space in these media channels at the last minute is easy. In fact many a times, you'll even be allowed to place your orders with a couple of days' notice. But on the flip side, you'll have to shell out an outrageous amount. Here comes the importance of media planning.

Planning your ad strategy in advance ensures a successful and efficient media campaign within your advertising budget. If you book your media outlet 6 months in advance, the prices will certainly be cheaper compared to the last minute price. So, the farther your order schedules are, the better will be the rates.

Chalking out your ad plans is equally important if you opt to go with print media i.e. newspapers and magazines. Deadlines for publication houses come in much faster than you expect, and a well-planned ad strategy will also help you in balancing your budget for the entire year.

To sum up, media planning is critical when it comes to planning your resources, knowing where you stand and where to want to be. A well planned ad strategy will never let you rest on your heels!

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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Advertising medias don't compete, they complement each other

Digital Marketing and Social Media have changed the way we do things in our daily lives. The way we think, the way we communicate, the way we meet people, do business and even advertise our products/ services.


With the fast advent of World Wide Web, the magic and charm of digital marketing, Google AdSense and Facebook advertisement was such, that many businesses joined the "Social Media" trend and experienced stupendous success. Outcome? Having tasted success, these brands no longer go back to the traditional forms of advertisements aired on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines!

Again there are brands, who believe that TV, radio and newspaper ads are still the "tried, tested and golden standards" of advertising. The entire concept of Internet and Google AdSense, Facebook advertising and Twitter campaigns, digital marketing and social advertising seems intimidating to them. For them social marketing and traditional advertising are two different planets and they feel that it's safe to choose the traditional advertising media over the social or digital one.

But the truth is, it's not any more an "either this, or that" scenario. Instead of choosing one medium over the other, it's best to "make them work together". Each one complements the other and work towards building a better picture of your audience and generating impressive campaign metrics.

Traditional advertising makes a greater and bigger impact on the audience, but it lags behind when it comes to accurate data and metrics. Social advertising and digital marketing, on the other hand, are miles ahead when it comes to generating data, and that too in real time, thus helping you to reach your target audience better.

So it's time that you be a smart advertiser. Learn to use the power of Internet, social marketing and Facebook advertising as an extension of TV and newspaper advertising. For instance, you hear a radio/ TV commercial for a certain product. You don't want to use that product immediately, but you want to know more about it. You visit the brand's website or check out their Facebook page get the required information. Once you are connected to the Digital platform, it becomes easier for you to relate to the radio/ TV commercial thus helping in better retention. In the long-run, if ever the need for that particular product arises, you'll certainly fall back on that particular brand.

The excitement and jazz of Social Marketing does in no way discount the power of TV/ radio/ newspaper advertisements. When strategically used with one another, they tend to produce pretty good and profitable results.

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